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Public Entities and Municipalities

Ford, Parshall & Baker attorneys have a long history of advising and defending public entities and municipalities, such as county and city governments, police departments, universities and public schools, school boards, and fire protection and ambulance districts, in a wide range of legal matters, including:

  • Risk management issues to avoid or reduce liability
  • Employment law matters, including policies, discrimination and sexual harassment claims, and employee discipline and termination
  • Contracts related to procurement, employee matters, and other business agreements
  • Real estate issues involving currently owned property as well as the acquisition of property
  • Premises liability and other personal injury claims

Our attorneys proactively work with various public entities and municipalities to reduce liability issues by providing training and suggestions aimed at preventing liability or reducing exposure for public entities. 

FPB attorneys also have substantial experience in defending public entities, municipalities, and their employees in litigation.  We understand defenses and legal immunities that are unique to governmental and quasi-governmental entities and their public employees.  For many years we have used that experience and expertise to defend and successfully resolve claims filed against cities, counties and other public entities. 

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