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Even if you win your case at trial, the opposing side might appeal.  The Ford, Parshall & Baker appellate attorneys can effectively argue your case on appeal.  We handle a broad range of civil appellate cases in all three districts of the Missouri court of appeals and in the Missouri Supreme Court. 

Appellate rules and procedures are different from those at the trial level. FPB appellate attorneys manage the often confusing procedural aspects of an appeal. The appeal is presented through the record on appeal, written briefs and oral arguments.  Our experienced appellate attorneys are skilled at identifying issues for the appeal, writing briefs and advocating for their clients. 

Persuasive Appellate Arguments Begin At Trial

Our appellate lawyers are also able to assist during trial.  Appellate issues are often different than the trial issues. An appellate lawyer helps identify and preserve important appellate issues, which allows the trial lawyer to focus on the trial. 

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