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Education Law

At Ford, Parshall & Baker, our attorneys handle cases in many areas related to education law.  Our clients include school teachers, coaches, and school boards as well as colleges and universities from both the private and public sectors.  In addition to many of the same challenges faced by businesses and other employers, schools must also address legal issues unique to them.

Distinctive Issues for Universities, School Districts and Teachers

Ford, Parshall & Baker provides legal advice to teachers and administrators whose primary focus is on their students.  Our attorneys have significant experience with the complicated issues that arise in complex litigation involving primary, secondary and higher education schools.  FPB attorney David Walker has been recognized as a “Top Lawyer” for his expertise in education law. Some of the types of education matters we handle include:

  • Interpreting School Laws.  FPB attorneys provide counsel to school based clients in interpreting, understanding, and implementing matters involving a wide-range of school and student issues, such as student discipline, student records and privacy rights, students with disabilities, reporting suspected child abuse, health and safety issues, and student manuals. 
  • Due Process.  Administrators of public schools often deal with issues involving due process, an oft misunderstood area of the law.  We assist administrators with implementing guidelines and procedures that follow due process requirements and defend them when claims of due process violations are made.
  • Premises liability. We assist schools and their employees with their defense against premises liability allegations claim involving allegations of injury on school property or during a school event.
  • Employment Matters. We work with public schools and private schools on employment issues unique to schools, such as tenure, employee manuals, employee discipline and teacher contracts and non-renewals.

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